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22 June 2008 @ 02:23 pm
Title: Of Jam Jars and Mobsters.
Fandom: The Black Donnellys.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Pairing: Tommy/Nicky; Canon also (Sean/Nadine, Tommy/Jenny).
Summary: The Jimmy. The Agitator. The Responsible One. The Deceased. The Best Friend. The Italian. A rundown of the many labels Tommy Donnelly can fit on those in his life.
Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for the whole series. Takes place after the end.
Word Count: 443.

He has no idea what to label any of the main relationships in his life.

Jimmy is his older brother, and that means that he should be his idol; the person he is always admiring and looking up to because Jimmy makes everything look cool.

Jimmy isn’t cool. He’s a recovering junkie. He’s got anger problems and is a bookie with a bar and extortion on the side. He’s just Jimmy.

Kevin and Sean are younger than he is which means he should feel the need to protect them constantly. The trouble with that is Kevin only frustrates him and Sean he knows he can’t protect. For God’s sake, the kid is his younger brother, but he is in school, has a part time job, and is getting married. Who would have thought that Sean would be the most responsible? Not his older brother.

His parents were his role models, but they are both dead and they both would not have any clue with how to deal with his current position.

Jenny Reilly is his childhood love, his first love, and his only love. Jenny is the only girl in the world he could see himself married to, with a normal job and a normal family. Yet, Jenny is too wrapped up with keeping her father alive and her business afloat to notice that her best friend is now the leader of one of the most influential rings of organized crime in New York City, and therefore the world. She just can’t make herself look up and see that he has accepted a life of crime. She remembers the conversations they would have about him never ever choosing that path.

So Jenny is his friend, his closest friend around, but he loves her and she loves him and all this just makes him too damn confused to do anything about it.

Then there is that damn Italian, Nicky Cottero. They bitch and fight one minute, anger boiling to the surface and then the next moment they are laughing it over. Nicky is the only one in this damn world that Tommy can go to for both advice and conversation, and shouldn’t that scare him?

What should scare him more are their long, heartfelt stares and the heat in his stomach every time they bump elbows. What should scare him the most is the fact that not only does he seemingly care for the guy, but the guy seems to reciprocate it.

And the scariest thing in his whole life, Tommy Donnelly thinks, is that the last person he kissed and touched and fucked isn’t Jenny Reilly at all, but that same damn Italian.

That was a bit of Character study. Now, it wasn't the first fic I've written for this Fandom. The first is a 4,554 word 'epic' that I'm a bit apprehensive to post since I'm still revising it. I wrote this quickly after a burst of inspiration. It isn't the best, but it sets up a stage.
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poetfades2black: Broken Tommypoetfades2black on October 12th, 2012 06:09 pm (UTC)
I made a community trying to revive this fandom. You can post anything but it has to be related to The Black Donnellys in some way. You can re-watch it via Youtube embedds once you join and see what others have posted. I would love if you were to join and share your fanfic and anything else you'd like to share with us. tbdfirecracker Please join us and pass this on to any of your Black Donnellys friends. :)